Muscle and Joint Pain

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Circle Integrated Care is a free service for NHS patients

Patients can be referred to the service through their GPs. Your GP can send an electronic referral to Circle Integrated Care which will be triaged by Circle clinicians. Speak to your GP to access treatment for an MSK condition.

Bedfordshire and Greenwich patients can also self-refer by completing a self-referral form. Forms can be emailed back or posted to the relevant locality depending on where you live (visit the Contact Us page for address details).

Self referral

You can self-refer to the MSK services by clicking the button below.

I’ve had an excellent experience at MSK in Bedford. From the physio – who was superb, through to the consultant app.

Circle Integrated Care patient Google review

The exercises they prescribed made a difference in 3 days and now just over a week after seeing them, the pain is MILES better.

Circle Integrated Care patient Google review