Knee pain

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The main cause of knee pain in adults over 45 is Osteoarthritis, while in those under 45 it is injury. In both cases it is most commonly mild and self-limiting. In these case self-management will often be all that is necessary. Below are listed some self –management strategies.

If it is a more severe pain or injury with swelling, inability to weight bear or loss of function an opinion should be sought from your doctor, physiotherapist or health practitioner.

There are some simple strategies you can use to manage your symptoms

  • Exercise – Regular aerobic exercise such as walking or jogging, and muscle-strengthening can help. Click here for exercises which are particularly useful for knee pain. For more information on staying active, click here.
  • Painkillers – taking regular doses of painkillers like ibuprofen, paracetamol, or a combination, are often helpful. Alternatively, you may prefer to use ‘rub on’ (topical) versions instead. Speak to your pharmacist for further information
  • Ice – This can be very useful to reduce pain and swelling. Take care not to sustain an ice burn by wrapping the ice in a damp cloth and only using for short periods
  • Weight management – If you are overweight, aiming to get yourself down to a healthy weight can help your condition.
  • Appliances – You can reduce the stress on the affected joint by using a walking stick, wearing supportive footwear or a supportive strapping