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Phio is an innovative digital assessment tool which allows patients to access support for their condition 24/7. Designed by expert physiotherapists and underpinned by the latest clinical guidelines Phio is an instantly available, digital consultation. It uses efficient clinical decision trees to accurately assess and signpost patients to appropriate care pathways. Phio will ask questions about you and your symptoms then, based on your responses, signpost you to the most appropriate level of care, for example face to face physiotherapy, extended scope physiotherapy or telephone/remote management.

If your condition is not suitable for the Physiotherapy service, or there are any clinical concerns, these will be detected by your responses and Phio will signpost you accordingly to the most appropriate service. For peace of mind all assessments are reviewed by a physiotherapist to ensure the correct decision has been made.

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Using Phio will ensure patients’ necessary information is captured all in one place, allowing for efficient signposting to the best suitable care. It supports them to begin their management in the right pathway from the beginning, giving them more control and ownership of their health and recovery.