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Pathway through pain is an online pain management programme (PMP). This digital PMP allows you the flexibility to follow the course at convenient times and at a pace that suits you. This course can empower you to do a lot more, feel better and reduce the intensity of your pain.

The programme supports you through the challenges of everyday pain management by using instructional videos, as well as providing advice to keep you feeling supported and motivated.

Throughout this course, you will gain a better understanding of how a person may feel pain and learn and practice physical and psychological therapies to help you manage pain. This course can provide you with the skillset to learn these techniques over the long term, allowing you to return to “normal life” as much as possible.

To access this digital programme, you will first have a consultation with a Circle clinician so you can be assessed for the suitability for the programme. This can be either a face to face or telephone appointment. If the clinician feels you are suitable for the programme, they will ask for your email address to send you a link to register onto the toolkit. There are a number of different steps in the programme such as relaxation and meditation, stretching programme, and psychological tools.

"As a sufferer of chronic pain for over 15 years caused by fibromyalgia, I began to feel increasingly frustrated, disappointed and let down by the lack of help and advice from doctors. I would have been given pain medication that didn't relieve my pain, but left me with side effects. Then I'd be given antidepressants for my mood, but I'd explain my mood was caused by my chronic pain. I just felt like, if there was something that could help with my pain. The antidepressants didn't help and again just gave me side effects. When I was told about this Pathway through Pain Programme, I liked the fact that it was something I could do online at my own pace. When I actually started the course, listening to the Healthcare Specialists on the course was really interesting. I liked the fact that you could watch/listen to each of the steps and if needed listen to it again, before moving to the next step.

I can honestly say that each step I completed left me feeling positive and ready to hear the next. Throughout the course I have been following the advice and more than happy, to continue to put it into use for my everyday life. The course has given me a clearer understanding of chronic pain and pain management and the effect my thoughts can have on my pain levels. You get gentle stretching, relaxation, sleep meditation exercises and more along with useful advice. All the things I have never had access to before. I now feel more confident that I have the tools to help me. I wish I had done this course before."

5 out of 5 stars


These are the key features of the programme:

Mind and Body
Learning physical and psychological therapies as pain affects the physical and mental state

Personalised Pathway
Measuring progress and results to make sure the pathway is most effective for you

Lifetime skills
You can use the pain-management tools that you learn throughout your life and improve them further with practice

Guided and Supported
Supportive pain-management experts are there to guide you through the pathway

Flexible and Accessible
The programme is an accessible on demand web-app compatible with all devices

Proven and lasting benefits
The programme has high participant and clinician satisfaction ratings and is an NHS approved course


Click here to for the Pathway through Pain website, where you can learn more about the programme and login.