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What is Pathway Through Pain?

Pathway through pain is an online pain management programme (PMP) offered by Circle Integrated Care.

What are the benefits of using Pathway Through Pain?

This digital PMP allows you the flexibility to follow the course at convenient times and at a pace that suits you. Participants discover expert-led pain management strategies through a deeper understanding of pain and a combination of physical and psychological therapies.

How does it work?

The programme supports you through the challenges of everyday pain management by using instructional videos, as well as providing advice to keep you feeling supported and motivated.

Summary of the treatment plan

By the end of the pathway, people usually feel a bit fitter with increased stamina and flexibility, as well as feeling more positive and confident, reporting a better quality of life. The aim of a PMP is to empower you with the skills to effectively manage your pain so it's no longer in control and you can move forward with your life.

Mind and Body
Learning physical and psychological therapies as pain affects the physical and mental state

Personalised Pathway
Measuring progress and results to make sure the pathway is most effective for you

Lifetime skills
You can use the pain-management tools that you learn throughout your life and improve them further with practice

Guided and Supported
Supportive pain-management experts are there to guide you through the pathway

Flexible and Accessible
The programme is an accessible on demand web-app compatible with all devices

Proven and lasting benefits
The programme has high participant and clinician satisfaction ratings and is an NHS approved course

It's important to note that your pain will still be there at the end of the digital Pain Management Programme. PMPs are not a curative treatment.  However, Pathway through Pain will teach you how to effectively manage your persistent pain, so that although the pain is still there you will have more confidence to manage it on a daily basis, feel emotionally stronger and more able to cope psychologically.

To access this digital programme, you will first have a consultation with a Circle clinician so you can be assessed for the suitability for the programme. This can be either a face to face or telephone appointment. If the clinician feels you are suitable for the programme, they will ask for your email address to send you a link to register onto the toolkit. Once you have registered with the program you retain life-time access.