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What is Kaia?

The Kaia app digitally supports against back pain with an individualised training program, relaxation exercises and provides relevant knowledge in partnership with Kaia Health and Circle Integrated Care. It is recognised as a Class I medical device and carries the CE mark of approval.

This is a back exercise application (app) for smart devices run for patients experiencing lower back pain. This is a fantastic opportunity for those people experiencing lower back pain who cannot easily make day time appointments, care givers, those who have difficulties with social anxiety disorder, people with varying work/education schedules and individuals who are keen to get on board with a simple user friendly exercise program.

The app matches patients to suitable exercises likely to be of benefit by using algorithms. Our clinicians will talk you through this over the phone, or face to face, and arrange an on-boarding session for you to assist in the download and set up of the app.

We pay for this app for you to use for six months. You can download the app before we speak with you, but please do not register unless you wish to incur a cost.

After the 6 months, one of our clinicians will be in contact with you to discuss progress and further treatment options where applicable.



The service can be used by anyone who has attended Circle Integrated Care’s Kaia clinic. The service is specifically for adults (age 18 and over), who are registered with a GP practice in Greenwich, Bedfordshire or Rushcliffe.