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Our general health, both physical and mental, can have a significant role on our pain and functional levels whilst suffering with an MSK condition. There is also evidence than poorer health can increase your risk of developing further joint problems and delay recovery, therefore it can be really beneficial to review and look at your overall well-being to help with your management.

The below links will take you to the NHS and national support services, with lots of information available on support and resources for managing each of them. At the bottom of the page are links to separate pages for each of our services, which will provide further information on local services you can access in each area.

NHS better health: This provide information regarding weight loss, stop smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and increasing activity levels.

NHS every mind matters: Information regarding mental health support and wellbeing tips.

Versus arthritis: A resource for arthritis related symptoms including management of you pain, information regarding medications, exercises, sleep and alternative therapies.

We are undefeatable: Supporting people with a range of health conditions to be active through the ups and downs.

A site for local information, events and support to look after your health and wellbeing,

Greenwich time to talk: A self referral service to manage your mental health

Health and wellbeing groups and activities - Your Wellbeing Bedfordshire

A central place with lots of links to various charities and support groups in the region including support for housing, health, activity & wellbeing groups, citizens advice, bereavement groups, council support services, food banks and many more.

Bedfordshire Talking Therapies | East London NHS Foundation Trust (

This service provides help to people aged 17 and over who are experiencing common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Your Health and Care - Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care System (

Links to various health and support services in the Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes areas

Active lifestyles | Central Bedfordshire Council

A website for support and links to help you start to get active if you live in Central Bedfordshire, even if you have other health conditions

Lifestyle Hub - Bedford Hospital - Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Lifestyle Hub is a central point of contact to engage in a relaxed 30 minute consultation with a Lifestyle Advisor to discuss any changes you might like to make. These changes would primarily focus on healthy eating and getting more active. But, you can also get further information on stopping smoking, reducing alcohol, carers service and many other groups / services that run in Bedford. Available if you are registered with a GP in Bedford Borough.

Your health Notts: A service for providing information on getting more active, eating healthier, managing your weight, drinking less alcohol and stopping smoking

Local support groups: A site which links to local support groups for various medical conditions

italk: A service providing advice on management of mental health conditions. You can also self-refer for 1:1 support.

Weight watchers free Hampshire: Local classes for weight management

 WW Health Solutions | Hampshire Weight Loss Programme | WW UK (

Stop smoking Hampshire: Local support for stopping smoking

Move it or lose it (exercise classes): A website to show you local exercises classes to help with your activity and exercise levels

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