Louise Borromeo

Registered General Nurse
Non Medical Independent Prescriber

Louise is a Registered General Nurse who qualified in 1998 and has worked within the field of Pain Management since 2004 in both primary and secondary care. Louise started her nursing career working within a Recovery and Anaesthetic Department within a busy General Hospital. She then worked on a Day surgery unit and eventually became Ward Sister. She has also worked within a community setting as both a community staff nurse and District Nurse. Her career in pain management began within the secondary care environment, where she practised as a Specialist Nurse in both Acute and Chronic Pain Management.

The main purpose of Louise’s role is to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary setting in order to provide effective support, advice, management and education for patients with Chronic Pain. Her main philosophy is to apply, multi-disciplinary professional working relationships across all relevant clinical groups and organisational boundaries, promoting the enhancement of care for patients with chronic pain.

Louise is involved in both assessment, implementation and evaluation of care. The main principle of her practice is to focus on and promote informed and evidence-based criteria. Louise is an Independent Nurse prescriber and consequently maintains evidence-based knowledge of analgesic and co-adjuvant therapies in order to recommend, manage and monitor their effectiveness. In addition, Louise also offers support and advice regarding Non-pharmacological management strategies for pain management.