Kemila Goppy

BSC Hons Sports Healthcare
BSC Hons Physiotherapy
Advanced Clinical Practice

Kemila graduated from the University of East London in 2005 with a BSC Hons degree in physiotherapy and in 2002 with a BSC Hons degree in sports healthcare. She started out her journey as a private physiotherapist working in small private clinics in London and in a variety of sports settings including international sporting events. Kemila’s passion has always been in MSK physiotherapy but she has also worked in general surgery, respiratory care and trauma & orthopaedics. Her extra certifications include Pilates, personal training and acupuncture.

Kemila began working with NHS patients in 2013 and she has focused on career progression into leadership roles. In Kemila’s previous job she was the team leader and currently she is the Speak up Guardian for Greenwich MSK. Kemila enjoys her role working as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist for Greenwich, where she effectively manages patients to get the best help on the right pathway. After 13 years of working as a physiotherapist, Kemila remains passionate and driven and continue to treat patients fairly, equally and with compassion.