Helen Edgar

MSc Pre-Reg Physiotherapy
Master of Chemistry

Helen has specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, with a strong interest in persistent pain management since qualification.

Prior to joining Circle MSK in 2016, Helen worked for a private occupational health company. In addition to standard physiotherapy practice, she conducted their flagship treatment for persistent pain management via their Functional Restoration Program, which enabled attendees to return to work following a prolonged period of absence.

Since Joining Circle, Helen worked in all of the physiotherapy based areas for the company – including Nordic Health, Physioline and usual one-to-one physiotherapy practice. In addition to this Helen has worked with colleagues of varied disciplines to design and implement an innovative pain solution for Circle MSK.

This includes the pain engagement session: a one hour talk each month which explains persistent pain to patients and how they can learn coping tools and return to previous activities. Following the engagement talk, Helen co-delivers the six week Circle MSK Pain Management Programme to enable patients to explore the complex management of persistent pain in greater depth and to develop new skills for life.